Original Bailoni Wachau

Tradition & Prestige Since 1872

Bailoni is heralded as the first apricot distillery in Wachau, a picturesque valley in lower Austria formed by the Danube River. The independently owned family company has a rich tradition in distilling since 1872 in Krems-Stein, within its original 350 year old building.

In the 1930’s, Bailoni focused on the production of premium apricot specialties and has since become the preeminent producer of apricot liqueur in Austria. The Wachau Valley has approximately 100,000 apricot trees with Bailoni owning 1,500 of their own. In the valley, one will find 200 farms of varying sizes. The family company supports their fellow family-owned regional farms in sourcing additional apricot needs. The silty soil in which the trees grow, called loess, imparts the ultra-sweet and juicy character of the fruit and the intense deep apricot flavor. In the spring the trees open their blossoms; an experience that contends with cherry blossom time in Washington D.C. or Japan.

The apricot fruit that matures in late summer, mid-July to August, is packed with pectin, acid and sugar. The perfect ripeness to develop aromatic brandy and liqueur.