President & CEO


Henry Preiss is a true pioneer in developing premium spirits and strategically distributing and promoting these brands across the US. He embarked on his journey into the importing business by joining his father’s firm in 1974, and by the late 80s his company, Preiss Imports, was iconic in the industry. The decision to concentrate on premium liquor specialties in the 90s uniquely placed him at the forefront of what was to become a mixology revolution.



Henry’s daughter and Preiss Imports Co-Founder, Nicole Preiss, brings business acumen from her years in the specialty imports business along with a passion for the culinary arts. Holding both a business and a culinary degree, Nicole is proud to advance the Preiss pedigree of innovation and dedication in bringing exclusive specialty selections to the United States.

Meet the Team

Henry Preiss
Nikki Preiss
Anne Chantegros
Lindsey Quick
Frankie Romero
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