The Focus

Simply Terroir.

Independent of their mutual friendship, they all instantly agreed they wanted a gin which reflected the terroir of the region and their independent specialities.

The Craft

The Still

Andreas engineered the still used for the Ferdinand’s product line. Slow distillation is fundamental with his stills able to run a maximum of 2 distillations per day.

The unique hybrid, copper pot still has a reputation which far exceeds their hometown in the Saar as producers around the world have given recognition and bought into it’s pristine production. Only 64 stills were ever sold, leaving Andreas’ engineering to utmost exclusivity.

A True Farm to Bottle

To be true to their vision, the group distills their own neutral grain alcohol of wheat, spelt, and rye.

All botanicals and the quince for their vodka are sourced from the Saar region including some being farmed by the brothers and master distiller. Organic in nature and true to it’s source, you can taste the terroir in each and every bottle.

Riesling Perfection

Zilliken brings forth over 200 years of family tradition and deemed one of the most prominent German wineries to date.

Volcanic and slate soil with harsh weather conditions makes for the brightest acidity with floral notes, with a beautiful round vanilla finish. The Rausch vineyard Riesling is an ideal composition to stand up to botanicals in a gin and embrace a wine region’s vermouth.

The Finishing Touch

Triple washed corks dipped in beeswax provide the final touch in bringing together the terroir of wine and spirit.

The Name

The Royal Prussian District, Forester Ferdinand Geltz, was the historical co-founder of the VDP Mosel-Saar-Ruwer growers group. As such, this product line pays homage to Ferdinand.

The Tetam

  • Denis Reinhardt and Eric Wimmers, Brother duo in Capulet & Montague
  • Andreas Vallendar, Master Distiller & Still Engineer
  • Dorothee Zilliken, VDP Estate Producer in the Saar, Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken