Miel De Tierra

As Smooth As Honey, As Grand As Our Soil

Creating mezcal is a beautiful and complex task. Doña Maestra Mezcalera Teresa Rubio Murillo knows that it requires “patience, hard work and passion,” and at Miel de Tierra this is a way of life, which is shown in each of our bottles.

Casa Miel de Tierra follows recipes that have been handed down for generations. These preserve the raw flavors of the ingredients used in mezcal making: the sweetness of the agave and the robustness of the white oak.

By awakening time-tested traditions with the help of modern technology, Miel de Tierra is able to craft a unique mezcal that enviously isolates the allurement and raw essence of its ingredients.

Miel de Tierra is not a typical Mezcal, neither by production nor by taste. It is best left to the senses to provide a luscious judgement of this ancient spirit.\

100% Agave Artisan Mezcal

The elegant and meticulous production and studied maturation methods elevate Miel de Tierra Mezcal to an exceptional status.

Virgin Oak Casks – Earth’s Honey

“Miel de Tierra” is known in the colonial villages south of Zacatecas as the natural sap that emanates from the white oak timber when it is axe-cut by the local lumberjack to craft MDT barrels specifically meant for resting handcrafted mezcal.

The mezcal is set to rest with the presence of the honey that flows from the oak, which can only be found whenever virgin timber is used to craft such particular casks.

The honey imparts a delicate flavor, setting this mezcal above the rest.

Smooth As Honey

Only a handful of old, small producers can still afford to use these elegant techniques for crafting artisan mezcal. The very nature of the arduous process limits the yield to 504 bottles per batch.

Each bottle is fixed with a wooden emblem marking the exact batch and bottle number, allowing traceability of each bottle ever produced by the Miel de Tierra family.

As Old As Our Soul

The end result establishes a different kind of mezcal, one that dares to replace the strong and smoked flavours of classic mezcals (which only interfere with the purity of its true taste) with the naked essence of the very best ingredients used in its crafting.

What is left behind is an extremely smooth distillate, with remarkable wooden notes and exquisite aroma.

Save The Bees

For every bottle sold, Miel de Tierra is committed to share a portion of the profits to the conservation of wild honeybees in rural Mexico.


“This tradition is what gives meaning to the name of our house.”

– Miel De Tierra

Regional Map

There is much benefit in being outside the designated region of Tequila. Distillers have more decision ability in the production methodology they utilize in distillation. Additionally, blue weber agave plants reach a more mature age prior to harvest due to the more limited production of the region.

Zacatecas Region

“Hailing from Zacatecas — much farther north than the center of mezcal production in Oaxaca — the Miel de Tierra line seeks to show more elegant and earthy flavors than the typical smoky and wild examples from the south. The agaves crafted here are not smoked and show a much more stately character to the wild, smoky spirits made further south in Oaxaca.”