Forgotten Casks

A Sipping Cognac at its Best

The Forgotten Casks collection is a creation by Henry Preiss and Alain Royer.

Two men who carry generations of experience in producing, sourcing and offering some of the best spirits in the world; representative of how cognac tasted over 100 years ago.

The Program

The Forgotten Casks Cognac selections are special casks that have in their own way been forgotten in time.

Custom blends are created for selected customers in a way only a small, specialty merchant and master blender can work.

Exclusivity is central to this premium selection. With rare sourced casks and personalized blends, no two selections will be the same, nor is a selection able to be replicated. Blends are created on a per lot basis with the remainder of Cognacs left to age, unblended.

This specialized selection process represents a unique Cognac experience with each bottling, showcasing a new and interesting variation.