Amaro 72

bottle size
  • Powerful entry of fresh herbs and clove
  • Round mid-palate showing sweet characters of cooked spice
  • Delightful, fresh mint finish
  • Aperitivo or digestivo
  • Neat at room temperature or on the rocks

Handed down from father to son, the age-old recipe calls for an infusion of high mountain herbs. In the 1800’s, Torella was referred to as “potable Centerba” to distinguish from Centerba 72.

Torella 72 maintains the same characteristic of Centerba 72 with a lower alcohol strength and slight sweetness created from the addition of the fine acacia honey. For those who want to enjoy the flavors of Abruzzo at a lower alcohol strength with slight sweetness, Torella is the perfect choice.

Production Process

[ Sugar Beet Alcohol + Centerba Herbs + Spices + Bitters ] x 30 Days


Bitter-Sweet Amaro

Hanky Panky


1 ¼ oz Drapò Rosso Vermouth
1 ¼ oz London Dry Gin
½ oz Tuvè Fernet


Add ingredients in a cocktail shaker
Shake well with cracked ice
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass