Sotol Coyote Blanco Durango

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bottle size
bottle size
  • Distinctive aroma of hazelnut and almond
  • Notes of butter and yeast coming from the fermentation
  • Semi-sweet with a medium intensity
  • Slight minerality
  • Serve in a Champagne Flute
  • Pairs with Tangerine Wedges, Bitter Chocolate, Seafood, Ceviche & Aquachile, Shellfish

Our version from durango is a distillate with its own character that provides sweeter and less aggressive flavors. Hand ground, steamed and fermented with well water, coyote durango is a softer touch from the desert.

  • ALC/VOL Varies
  • CATEGORY Sotol 100% Puro
  • VARIETY Dasylirion Cedrosanum
  • COOKING To steam with autoclave
  • GRINDING Manual with stone
  • FERMENTATION In wood tubs coated with stainless steel
  • DISTILLATION Double distillation in stainless steel still
  • CLASS Silver
  • STATE Durango
  • REGION San Antonio
  • TOWN Cuencamé
  • MASTER SOTOLERO Gerardo Ruelas Hernandez

Sotol Smash


1½ oz Sotol
¾ oz Grenadine
¾ oz Lemon juice
Mineral Water
3 Blackberries
3 Raspberries


Muddle mint, berries, and grenadine in a rocks glass
Add Sotol, lemon juice, and ice; stir Top with mineral water
Garnish with berries and mint